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Leader Hall opposes Democrat fee hikes
RELEASE|September 20, 2023
Contact: Matt Hall

House Republican Leader Matt Hall, R-Richland Township, on Wednesday issued the following statement after voting against a series of Democrat bills to raise fees on Michiganders and small businesses, implementing increases outlined in their $82 billion budget this summer:

“After funding pointless and political projects over Michiganders’ biggest priorities, Democrats are hiking fees to pay for their lavish spending spree. They rammed through a wasteful budget that blew through our state’s $9 billion surplus for pork while underfunding local infrastructure, public safety, and other needs. They knew they didn’t have enough taxpayer money to pay their bill, so now they’re raising fees and planning to raise the income tax early next year. Michigan residents shouldn’t have to pay higher fees and taxes just because Democrats got too careless with the state credit card.”

House Bills 4988-4997, 5000, 5003-5004, and 5006-5007, which the Democrat-controlled House passed today, raise certain fees, block scheduled fee decreases, and extend many fee sunsets in an attempt to balance their budget. For example, the legislation would dramatically increase groundwater discharge fees for Michigan businesses, more than doubling the current maximum annual rate from $3,650 to $7,500. Another example is the cancelation of a scheduled decrease in application fees for occupational licenses. In addition to the fee increases, Democrats will have to raise the income tax in January to pay for the rest of their budget.

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