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Rep. Borton urges hunters to focus on harvesting does
RELEASE|November 20, 2023
Contact: Ken Borton

State Rep. Ken Borton is joining a chorus of state officials in calling on outdoorsmen to focus on doe hunting this year. Officials have been sounding the alarm about a concerning rise in deer populations. Overpopulation can lead to damaged crops, widespread disease, and increased car accidents.

“Too many deer can become dangerous for Michigan,” said Borton, R-Gaylord. “Hunters are Michigan’s first line of defense for conserving our environment. This year, we’re asking them to let a couple big bucks walk and focus on the does.”

State officials have reported mounting annual decreases in Michigan hunters. This, paired with a growing trophy hunting mindset, has led to deer overpopulations. Officials said hunters focusing on adult female deer could help manage the overpopulation.

“We’ve all seen the growing number of deer dead at the side of the road,” Borton said. “This comes as farmers report increased damage to their crops. It’s time for outdoorsmen to step up and embrace Michigan’s conservationist history. Everyday hunters are the best way for the state to get this problem under control.”


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