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Rep. Cam Cavitt: Democrats’ extreme energy agenda unfeasible, dangerous for Northern Michigan
RELEASE|September 28, 2023
Contact: Cam Cavitt

State Rep. Cam Cavitt, of Cheboygan, a member of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Environment, Great Lakes and Energy, today issued the following statement addressing serious concerns over the Democrats’ proposed energy plan for Michigan:

“The Democrats’ radical plan to mandate carbon neutrality in just a matter of a few short years poses significant risks and higher costs for all of Northern Michigan. I have spelled out the impracticality of this plan to my colleagues throughout the appropriations process. One recent report indicates that the plan’s heavy reliance on electric vehicles and heating could result in a 30% increase in our grid’s demands, placing major financial strain on folks who are already struggling to make ends meet due to rampant inflation and the high cost of essentials.

“The study’s findings raise critical concerns about the feasibility and sustainability of the proposed energy strategy. For instance, if Michigan switched to 100% solar energy, we would need about 1,800 square miles of solar farms to provide that much power. If we switched to 100% wind-powered energy, we would need about 9,700 square miles of windfarms to meet that need, a size several counties wide That is how far short those technologies are in meeting our needs. Even just forcing our grid to be 50% or 60% green right now will squeeze Michigan residents from their homes, which begs the question – why is the state representative from Traverse City sponsoring this unpopular, unrealistic plan that would only burden Northern Michiganders and turn our hometowns into one large powerplant?

“The Antrim Shale – one of the largest producers of natural gas in the nation – sits in the 106th. Much of the local economy in my communities depend on the production of natural gas, most of which is centered around the Antrim Shale. Without the production of natural gas, the government would have to find alternative funding sources, inevitably leading to higher taxes. Line 5 – the largest taxpayer in Cheboygan County – is also found in the 106th. Without Line 5, some Northern Michigan schools would likely close, severely burdening children in our state.

“We must prioritize grid reliability and affordable energy. This is what matters to those who elected me to serve them in Lansing. Our state lacks the resources to support this hastily proposed plan from the Democrats. We should work together to find a more balanced approach rather than support a reckless agenda that will only hamper Northern Michigan and our local communities.”

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