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Rep. Filler: Dangerous plan could let Oxford shooter, others out after 10 years in prison
RELEASE|May 9, 2023
Contact: Graham Filler

State Rep. Graham Filler today expressed deep concern about a measure making its way through the Legislature that would make Oxford shooter Ethan Crumbley and other dangerous murderers eligible for parole after serving just 10 years in prison.

Filler said House Bills 4160-64 would invalidate sentences of life without parole for murderers who were younger than 19 when they committed their crimes and make many of them immediately eligible for parole. Crumbley, who was 15 years old when he killed four of his fellow students at Oxford High School in 2021, could become eligible for parole when he is just 25 years old under this plan.

“Allowing psychopaths who commit heinous acts of violence to go free after just 10 years in prison is a dangerous policy that risks the safety of our communities,” said Filler, the Republican vice chair of the House Criminal Justice Committee where the bills were brought up for discussion today. “This plan is a slap in the face to victims and the families whose loved ones were murdered, and it’s a slap in the face to communities like Oxford that have been victimized by these senseless killings.”

House Bills 4160-64 would allow an individual sentenced to life in prison without eligibility for parole to be released on parole after serving 10 years if they were younger than 19 when they committed murder.

When an individual becomes eligible for parole under these bills, the parole board would be required to consider the individual’s age and immaturity at the time of the offense; the individual’s family and home environment at the time of the offense; and the circumstances surrounding the offense, including the influence of peer pressure.

“If this legislation becomes law, the parole board can begin reviewing Ethan Crumbley’s sentence in 10 years and consider his upbringing and age as factors to release him,” Filler said. “The parole board would meet with victims – forcing them to go through the trauma and horrific experiences they endured all over again. Once that review is complete the Oxford school shooter could be released back to society after just 10 years behind bars.”

Several other dangerous murderers would be eligible for parole immediately if this proposal became law.

Filler and other Republican members of the House Criminal Justice Committee have vowed to vote against House Bills 4160-64 if they are brought up for a vote, and they called on the Democrat majority to do the same.


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