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Rep. Harris praises new law to protect insurance coverage for mental health care
RELEASE|May 21, 2024
Contact: Mike Harris

State Rep. Mike Harris on Tuesday touted a plan he helped pass into law to require insurers to cover mental health care and substance use disorder treatment.

Senate Bill 27 would require health insurance policies to include mental health and substance abuse coverage. Harris, R-Waterford, noted that the legislation codifies federal protections in state law to guarantee thorough insurance coverage for Michigan patients.

“Physical and mental health go hand in hand, and both are important for living a happy, healthy life,” said Harris, the Republican vice chair of the House Insurance and Financial Services Committee. “This law will guarantee that health insurance coverage includes mental health care, so Michiganders can access critical services and treatments. Protecting holistic care will support healthy bodies and healthy minds.”

The governor signed SB 27 into law Tuesday after it passed the House with overwhelming bipartisan support earlier this month.

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